Take off on a flight journey with Legion Drones

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  • An indoor principle training session, which will focus on systems knowledge, including UAV features, basic flight procedures, and essential safety information, with a open Q&A session.
  • An outdoor hands-on coaching session, outdoor training includes flying the drone and focuses on real-world exercises that increase confidence and piloting proficiencies.

During your time with our pilots we will cover all the important topics including:

  • Introduction And Getting Started With Rules And Regulations
  • Unboxing And Setup
  • Maintenance and Care
  • Software And Calibrating Your Drone
  • Charging Your Drone And Proper Power Usage
  • Introduction To The Transmitter
  • Camera Attachments and Functionality
  • Takeoff And Landing
  • Basic Flight procedures
  • Flight Modes And IOC
  • Emergency Procedures

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