Drone Flight Training & Part 107

Drone Flight Training

Simply fill out the form below and let our experts at Legion Drones provide you with all the training and fundamentals needed to confidently pilot your UAV. Our Pilots have countless hours of experience and will provide the instructions on how to maneuver the UAV properly. In addition to learning to fly the UAV, we will provide you support and information regarding FAA guidelines and how to keep you and the drone safe. We also offer information about repair options and alternatives should you have any maintenance.

Our training classes are designed to help those who have little to no experience with the UAV drones learn basic flight procedures and safety awareness. <strong>The training program is divided into two parts:

During your time with our pilots we will cover all the important topics including:

  • Introduction And Getting Started With Rules And Regulations
  • Unboxing And Setup
  • Maintenance and Care
  • Software And Calibrating Your Drone
  • Charging Your Drone And Proper Power Usage
  • Introduction To The Transmitter
  • Camera Attachments and Functionality
  • Takeoff And Landing
  • Basic Flight procedures
  • Flight Modes And IOC
  • Introduction And Getting Started With Rules And Regulations

Pilot Adventure Form and Check-Out

Please fill out this form in full below so that we can register you for your UAV training.

I understand that if I do not sign the Liability Form on the date of the adventure I will not be able to fly or be refunded. No exceptions.

I agree to all the terms and conditions. I understand that there is a $25 cancellation fee.

  • An indoor principle training session, which will focus on systems knowledge, including UAV features, basic flight procedures, and essential safety information, with a open Q&A session.
  • An outdoor hands-on coaching session, outdoor training includes flying the drone and focuses on real-world exercises that increase confidence and piloting proficiencies.

We are currently working on our Drone Training Courses for Pilots and Part 107 Drone Certificate Training Guide. Leave your info below if you are interested in this training we will contact you once this feature is live.

Drone Flight Training & Part 107

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